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postheadericon QL Professional To Manage Digital Signage System

QL professional software is to operate a visual communication over a network of screens or displays and tablets in which you can engage your audiences by playing targeted content like images, videos, and data feed and streaming. The Navori QL professional Server and Manager provides users with a highly effective system for the management of your digital signage system through an advanced user interface design. It is easy to use and support digital signage system.  Digital signage is a powerful tool especially in the retail world and digital information displays can be used throughout the store for branding, promoting products, merchandising and entertaining customers.


QL Professional Server

            It is the backend application for on-premise applications and it is running on a Microsoft Windows server along with a Microsoft SQL database. This digital signage software component centralizes all content manager users and players which act as a background service but stores all its information in a local database. It can scale from single player to hundreds or even thousands of players at a time. The load balancing in the digital signage software load balancing distributes workloads across multiple QL servers.

QL Professional Manager

            QL digital signage content Manager features a straightforward workflow with zero ramp-up which add existing media like video, image, html5, data feed, TV feed, streaming. Build your own template or ticker with RSS, media zones, user shared data, XML and images. Set programs based on player location, language and cross group dynamic selection based on tags with this content management system.  QL Manager is the management interface which has a user-interface. This user-interface is easy to learn and simple to use. All types of users can access QL Manager from any platform like Windows, Apple or Linux PC through a web browser. It can handle anything from one to hundreds of users with pre-defined user rights and permissions.

QL Professional Player

            It is native software based on technologies developed for video games and its proprietary graphics engine renders all media content at an amazing quality. Featuring performances of QL player required for today’s rich content and which is accurate and plays any content on single displays, video walls, multi-displays, tablets and mobile devices. The players are managed in groups and sub-groups locally or worldwide. The content’s size and proportions of this software are automatically re-scaled to match the display’s pixel resolution so that QL is responsible for that. You can run this software on both Windows and Android.

            Navori QL is the only one digital signage software which has a capable to provide native players of high-quality on windows and Android platform and sharing the same features with full compatibility without conversion and adjustment. The software is build with many features with a user-friendly interface. It is suitable for enterprise installation and it has robust and expandable system with full features and reliability required for enterprise level installation. It can manage a single site or hundreds of sites locally or worldwide and it is only one enterprise-level digital signage installations software.