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postheadericon Japanese Translation Services – Taking the mystery out of translation prices and pricing

Pricing is obviously a major concern when launching a Japanese English translation project, more so if you’ve been given a budget to work with. We should, therefore, deal with this issue upfront.

A tongue in cheek explanation to that headline is “the mystery is that…there is no mystery”! There are, however, certain translation price and pricing parameters you need to bear in mind, such as:

  • Type of Translation: Translation comes in a variety of flavours: Professional Human Translation Service, Computer Translation, Post Editing Machine Translation, Translation Crowdsourcing, and Translation Clouds. Naturally, translation quality and cost vary greatly with each.
  • Translation Pricing Structure: Japanese translation services use a fairly standard structure to calculate pricing – Ensure all relevant parameters are the same for comparable prices and pricing.
  • Express Job Requirements: Need that translation service like yesterday already? You’ll be slapped with Express Delivery Fees which can range anywhere from 25~100% over and above regular rates!

The following passage explains the essence of the problem:

“Buying a tangible item, such as a computer, is a fairly straight forward business. This is because using a specification sheet (e.g. 1 gigabyte of memory is, well, 1 gigabyte) you can simply compare offerings from different vendors for the best price. Translation, being a service, is intangible, though. This inherently makes it difficult to measure and then compare prices and pricing from one translation company to the next. Now, I’m sure there’re those that will protest it’s the same “English-to-Japanese translation project”. Yes, it is; however, that would be making a mandarin-to-oranges comparison. (i.e. both are citrus fruit, but…) “

Ok, so now that you understand the essence of the problem, and the translation price and pricing parameters as provided in the bullet points above, you’re ready to take the mystery out of, well, the mystery. Actually, you already know how to do this, since the answer was provided above:

Ensure all relevant parameters are the same for comparable prices and pricing

Got a Japanese translation project in your in-tray? Get your mandarins, or oranges, here: professional Japanese translation services