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SEO audit is among the first SEO activities. This activity analyzes the characteristics of the audited website, giving greater interest to those features that are important to a better positioning in the search engines for the website in question when looking for certain keywords or phrases. Now that LinkHelpers Phoenix SEO addresses these matters, you can expect the greatest deals for the same.

The Difference

Optimal and ideal would be that this stage, in addition to the above mentioned analysis, will provide solutions to the problems found, i.e. to notify the site owner and recommendations for the functionality and design of the website (if any). These latter improve to a certain extent the results of website optimization, but are complementary to this activity and are at the discretion of the client or owner of the website.

  • SEO audit is the starting point of a website optimization strategy because it centralizes on the one hand the current indexing of the website by search engines, and on the other hand centralizes issues related to on-page and off-page optimization of the website analyzed.
  • The aspects related to the two optimizations target, on the on-page optimization side, the source code and content of the website, analyze them according to the on-page optimization rules of the search engine for which the website optimization campaign is being implemented recommendations for corrections or improvements are issued. On the off-page optimization side, reports are made on the site domain, pagerank (for the first page of the site, for pages associated with the agreed keywords), the number and type of links existing to the site. If there are any problems on this section, it’s best and ideal to be notified to the customer and be accompanied by recommendations for correcting them.

The content, structure and elements analyzed in the SEO audit vary from one SEO service provider to another, but the importance of this step cannot be denied. Based on this, the companies develop the website optimization strategy, the on-page and off-page optimization implementations, and when web site optimization results start to appear, this stage contains the starting mark for the evolution of the positioning search engines.

SEO optimization services

Why is it used to optimize your website?

A website can be listed on the search engines without SEO optimization, but if it is desired to maximize / improve the benefits of this listing, then a SEO service campaign is needed.A site can benefit from search engine optimization if it is desired to increase the number of sales (for a website associated with a business that is doing its online activities, for example, e-commerce) or whether it is a brand awareness or brand awareness “For a brand / company presentation site.

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