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In addition to the website for successful promotion of a brand, company or service, it is also necessary to run a marketing campaign on social networks. Currently, rare businesses and individuals have developed this kind of communication with their customers, and to avoid such mistakes in the future, it is necessary to have marketing activities on various social networks and integrate these profiles into the web site itself.

Connectivity methods

The first and perhaps most important item are linking social networks to a website via links. These links may not have to be large, but they must be easily recognizable with a recognizable social network logo.

When positioning such links, it’s good that all links pages appear in the same place, so it’s best to integrate them into the navigation bar or the side menu itself. For the Marketing for Collsculpting Businesses this is important.

Some social networks like Facebook and Twitter offer the ability to view their content through a framework that can be integrated into a web site. This way, website visitors can easily access information and content that is published on social networks.

Selecting social networks

When choosing social networks, you should definitely choose the social networks from which you can attract the most users. The most important Facebook site for activities is that currently more than 1.5 million users in Croatia use this social network. Recently, other social networks have become increasingly popular with Croatian users, above all Google+ and Twitter, so it would be good to publish content on those networks as well.

Growth hacking’ is no longer a black box of wizards. Snake sellers with bold promises, tips and tricks replace practitioners who regularly apply ‘growth’ tactics, but write about them and share them.

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  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn

Do not talk about yourself

Customers do not even care about you or your company. They are interested in how your product or service can help them. How can you profit, prosper and conquer the world?

When you look at things from this perspective, you come to think of it. No one is interested in what conference you were lecturing or how much you received the prize. This can come in later stages in the decision process, but in the first interaction not at all.

What you need to communicate is why,not how neitherwhat. Take the basic assumptions why you are doing what you are doing. This cannot and should not be the money. It is the result of all the fundamental values ​​that you have begun to deal with in your business. Customers feel it. They love it. Tell them why you are here for them.

Get closer to your customers – let them feel your energy

Whether your ultimate goal is to be a slow-moving small company or a huge technological div, you cannot achieve the first steps towards growth unless you live the idea that you’ve gone to the job you are in. You may want to plan to quickly enrich it, that’s fine. But this must not be high on your list of priorities – not when you are just moving to a business.


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